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Instructional Services

Jessica Willis, Coordinator of Teaching & Learning
(606) 256-2125

The primary purpose of Rockcastle County Schools is educating students to enable them to be successful adults in a constantly changing world. This requires the implementation of a sound instructional program that not only provides basic skills, knowledge, and concepts, but also helps students develop avenues for future expansion of learning, understanding, and creativity. Our district is committed to this task and has instruction for student learning and application as its focus.

Mrs. Jamie Cornelius’ Class – Mt. Vernon Elementary

Our core instructional program is built on the foundation of a comprehensive curriculum that is aligned with state and national standards. In this core program, all students receive high quality instruction of the curriculum. Teachers plan and provide instruction, considering learning styles, progress rates, and assessment data, to help students reach proficiency on state standards. Technology plays a large role in the implementation of instruction and as a learning tool for student use. Flexible groupings and multiple strategies are used to differentiate for the various needs, whether it is enrichment for advanced learners or interventions for struggling students. A system is in place to ensure that this core program is effective for at least eighty to ninety percent of our students.

In addition to core instruction, the district has in place several programs to address the learning needs of those students who require additional support. To address the uniqueness of individual students, the district has incorporated into its program the following:

  • For identified, high performing students, Gifted and Talented Services are available. Dual credit or advanced placement classes are accessible at the high school level.
  • For qualifying students having difficulty in one or more areas, the Rockcastle County Intervention System, the Title I Program, Extended School Services, and Special Education are available. Students are identified for these programs with the use of screenings, assessment results, and progress monitoring data.
  • The Academy for Academic Achievement exists for students who have difficulty adjusting and thriving in a regular school setting. The academy helps these students reach their potentials by addressing behavior, emotional, and academic needs.
  • The district has on hand for career-minded students the Cooperative Education Program, which provides, to seniors, work experiences with local businesses. The Rockcastle County Area Technology Center adds to students’ career options by providing a quality technical education in the areas of office or automotive technology, health sciences, electricity, or welding.

The Rockcastle County School District has the belief that all students can learn and become responsible, self-sufficient citizens. It is our responsibility to have an instructional program that successfully addresses the learning needs of all students and prepares them for adulthood and the workforce. From preschool through twelfth grade, our program strives to reach children early and provide the instruction and intervention necessary for students to learn and thrive in school, post-secondary education, and their future careers.