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Thomas Coffey, District Assessment Coordinator

Kentucky’s newly redesigned accountability system has students at its center—ensuring they are well-rounded, transition ready, prepared with the knowledge, skills, and essential dispositions to successfully pursue the pathway of their choice after graduating from high school, with an emphasis in providing students with opportunities in career and technical education. Additionally, the system moves away from a culture of competition among schools and districts, and away from a mentality of compliance in favor of a mindset that promotes continuous improvement.

The new system includes an intentional focus on improving low-performing students and closing the achievement gap between student groups. This promotes increased efforts at providing needed supports and rich learning experiences to historically overlooked, underperforming student groups such as minority ethnicities, students with disabilities, and English Learners.

The system uses multiple academic and school quality measures, not a single test or indicator. An overall rating for each school and district will be determined by setting standards for low to high performance on seven indicators. Additional information will be publicly reported to provide a more complete (with academic and non-academic indicators) and transparent picture of education in Kentucky.

Kentucky Summative Assessment

College Readiness
Meet benchmarks set by the Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE) to demonstrate college readiness.

Grade 11
Window: March

Language Proficiency assessment for students who are English Learners (EL)
Window: January 1 – Mid-February
College/Career Readiness
These tests are optional for the state accountability system, but students on a career pathway may be required to participate in one or more of these assessments due to local policy.

Career Readiness
Career and Technical Education End-of-Program Assessments
Accountability and CTE

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