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Gifted & Talented

Coordinator: Angie Hendrickson
(606) 758-8512

The Rockcastle County School District provides Gifted and Talented Services for eligible students in primary through twelfth grades in the following areas:

  • General intellectual aptitude

  • Specific academic aptitude

  • Creative or divergent thinking

  • Psychosocial or leadership skills

  • Visual or performing arts

Primary (K-3) students who are selected by teachers as high potential learners are served through the Primary Talent Pool. Students recommended for these services receive early enrichment for further development of their abilities or talents. These services allow for continuous progress through differentiation and flexible grouping based on students’ individual needs, interests, and abilities. The services are primarily provided in the regular classroom but may include the appropriate use of resource services, acceleration, or other service options.

Once students reach grade four, they must meet other criteria for eligibility. Students in grades four through twelve may be determined eligible for Gifted and Talented Services by three evidence options that are required for each of the five areas. Evidence used may include scores from appropriate tests, rating scales, and teacher referral. Tests used include the following given at the corresponding grade levels:


Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 6




Primary Measures of Music Audiation

Roet’s Leadership

Roet’s Leadership

Creativity Assessment Packet


Although formal identification for the Gifted and Talented Program is in fourth grade, students are retested in sixth grade. Once a student is identified at any grade (four through twelve), services continue through twelfth grade.

Students in the Gifted and Talented Program receive instruction that extends learning beyond the regular classroom lessons and provides flexible experiences differentiated to match the students’ interests, needs, and abilities. A variety of service options are available, such as cluster grouping in the classroom, collaboration with the coordinator, acceleration, advanced placement, independent studies, resource groups, and others.

An individual Gifted Student Service Plan (GSSP) is developed to match the student’s interests, needs, and abilities to differentiated service options. It helps the school communicate with parents regarding the student’s program and progress.

The district’s Gifted and Talented Coordinator oversees the program and helps schools to implement it. The coordinator collaborates with classroom teachers and program staff, providing information, ideas, and materials to help in meeting the needs of gifted students.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact the coordinator at the number listed above.