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Professional Development

The Rockcastle County School District provides professional development opportunities for staff each year. Planned professional development is designed to address the individual growth needs of educators and the needs identified and specified in the school and district improvement plans. The district’s purpose when planning professional development is ultimately

to help students to be proficient and successful learners by enabling teachers and staff to continue their learning in the field of education.


While four days of professional development are required each year for all staff members, a variety of these opportunities are planned throughout the school year to address the range of staff needs at all schools. Professional development activities include providing information and training in (a) the planning and delivery of instruction, (b) assessment and intervention, and (c) appropriate use of new programs, materials, and data, etc.

As new standards, information, and regulations are provided by the state or federal government, the Rockcastle County School District works to keep staff informed and up-to-date on best practices in instruction through quality professional development. When data is studied and needs are identified by the schools or the district, professional development is an effective vehicle for improvement, change, and communication.