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Work Ethics Seal

Work Ethics Seal


 Part of the mission of education is to prepare students for the transition for school to work and life beyond classroom. A strong work ethic is essential to our students to succeed in life after high school.

Rockcastle County, working with local business, industry and the local school system, has developed the Work Ethic Seal Program.  This program has specific criteria to identify these students whose hard work, good attendance, dedication to their school and community, and extracurricular activities set them apart from the rest.

Students receiving the Work Ethic Seal should have an advantage when seeking employment as it easily identifies potential employees with a demonstrated work ethic.  Listed on college applications it shows that student has learned the value of active participation in school, and identifies the student as one who will regularly attend class and work hard at their education. Students will receive a certificate and seal on their transcript.  Student’s participation in the Work Ethic Seal Program is voluntary and the pursuit of the seal will be the responsibility of the student.

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